Commercial Plumbing
Mount Benson Mechanical is a recognized leader among Vancouver Island Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors.
Fire Protection Systems
Mount Benson Mechanical offers installation and maintenance for your new or existing commercial or industrial building project.
Mount Benson Mechanical has installed hundreds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems throughout the Island.
Heating and Gas
Mount Benson Mechanical offers a complete range of heating systems to match the needs and budget of your projects.

Welcome to Mount Benson Mechancial

Mount Benson Mechanical offers plumbing, heating and HVAC installation throughout Vancouver Island. We also specialize in fire protection system installation and maintenance.

Whether you’re a general contractor, commercial builder, or a municipality, Mount Benson Mechanical has the expertise and integrity to complete your project safely, on time, and on budget.

We provide installation and service work for manufacturing, schools, churches, public buildings, residential complexes, retail centers and more.

Some of our valued clients include, Nanaimo International Airport, International Centre for Sturgeon Studies, Oliver Woods Recreation Centre, Seven Sails, and many more.

For safety, quality and integrity in all of your commercial and industrial projects, contact the experts at Mount Benson Mechanical:  250-585-6730